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check what your website served the client / bots that visit the page requested

Prerender Test

This tool helps you check what your website serves to user agents or bots when they visit a specific URL on your website. The tool emulates the basic data and information that a crawler pulls from your source code. Prerendering is essential for sites using a Single Page Application (SPA). A single-page application does not need to reload the page during its use. Examples of a SPA include Facebook, Gmail, Google Maps, Twitter and Google Drive. If a SPA is relying on JavaScript, it may not serve all essential information for web bots or crawlers to read because sometimes some elements on the page are not loaded properly which can hinder GoogleBot from viewing the content of your page. To ensure better page ranking, it is essential to make sure all your content is presented appropriately and is viewable to crawlers.

What is Prerendering and Why is it Important for SEO

Prerendering refers to the process of preloading a web page’s elements to prepare for a crawling bot to view it. The prerender service checks if the user agent viewing your site is a crawling bot and sends a cached version of your page with its elements rendered statically. Prerendering’s sole purpose is to enhance and optimize the experience for bots and web crawlers.

Google’s web crawlers will check the content and navigational structure of your site to make sure all links work and redirect correctly. It is also trained to understand HTML, but unfortunately, it cannot read JavaScript Single Page Apps as more than just one HTML page. It is unnecessary; however, to prerender your website is its content is a static HTML page already, and not a JavaScript enabled SPA.

How to Test Prerendering?

So this free prerendering test tool checks your URL and pulls the HTML response based on the user agent, making the request from your source code. This tool focuses on the most important user agent for SEO purposes which is GoogleBot. Use this tool to check what content is being served to GoogleBot for any URL from your domain. The tool will provide information about the status of your web page, redirects, page title and description, heading tag and its word count. Try it now for free!