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use google search from different countries and languages and get the results from the location you chose

Local Search Results Checker

This free search results checker will allow you to view Google search results in different country locations and based on various language settings. Efficient SEO tools are essential to the success of your search engine optimization efforts; they provide you with valuable data that will allow you to monitor your performance and make smart and informed decisions. Local search results tracking tools are one of those necessary tools to keep your SEO performance on track.

Why it's necessary to use a local search tracking tool?

Google search results vary based on the type of device, the user's search habits, language and location, so if your business operates in different countries and regions, it is impossible to make sure you're seeing the same results your customers are seeing by performing a basic search using the keywords you're targeting. Search engines return different results for the same keyword depending on the geo-location and language of the search query, hence, the only way to get an accurate and holistic picture of your rankings across different locations is through using a local rank tracker. It lets you track location-specific rankings for any keyword that you're striving to rank for. By taking into account the searcher's location, the tool will help you track your performance in their local search results and view localized SERPs.

Why do you need to monitor location-specific rankings?

If you own a local business, then it's particularly important to check if you are visible in local search results. And if your business operates in different cities or areas, you will also need to monitor your rankings across these different locations. While your site may be ranking high in one of the areas you're operating in, it can be ranking further down the result pages in another. This is why you need to be aware of your ranking across different locations to be able to enhance your overall SEO performance. Since localization is one of the most vital filters that control how search results appear, it is important to use a local search results checker to get useful data that can help you increase traffic and conversions.

How to check local search results in different countries and locations?

While some people still like to do this the old fashioned way by changing their Google search settings and adjusting the region or by using a VPN service, it is way simpler and more efficient to use a tool for this task. Our free local search results checker allows you to specify the country, city and language to monitor your ranking for specific keywords. Simply enter the required data, and the tool will fetch local Google search result pages from any country in the world in less than a few seconds. Try this free tool from Bruce Clay now!