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using google's API, quickly check if your pages are mobile-friendly.

Mobile Friendliness Test

This tool helps your evaluate your site's mobile-friendliness using google's API to check if your pages are mobile-friendly. Having a mobile-friendly website is a must today, especially with smartphone traffic now exceeding desktop traffic around the world and Google shifting to mobile-first indexation. This Mobile-Friendly Test Tool is a quick and easy way to figure out if pages on your site are mobile-friendly or not. Since search engines are continuously trying to reflect user behaviour trends, Google now considers ensuring a mobile-friendly experience as one of the main SEO ranking factors. There is also a chance that search engines are predominantly using the mobile version of your website for ranking and indexation, making mobile-friendliness even more critical to your successful online presence.

Mobile-Friendly Elements and User Experience

Here are some main elements that can help make your website mobile-friendly, guarantee excellent user experience and improve your SEO performance. Mobile navigation can be trickier than desktop as a result of the limited space on small screens; that's why it needs to be straightforward and direct. To achieve that, it will help to eliminate non-priority elements and limit top-level navigation to 4 or 6 main items. Also, try to keep it as simple as possible by avoiding multiple sublevels of dropdowns or designs that require shifting from portrait mode to horizontal scrolling. Another important element for mobile navigation is crafting an intuitive design, with wisely written content and language preference options somewhere clear and accessible. To keep it short and to the point, don't forget to make use of conventional symbols that can save space like a hamburger-style menu icon (three lines stacked on top of each other) or a magnifying glass in place of the word search.

It is also essential to ensure that mobile users have the same accessibility to all your desktop site's functionalities. And make sure that all images and videos are resizable and available on mobile. And to avoid not showing up on SERPs for mobile searches, make sure your robots.txt file is not obstructing access to your site resources (CSS, Images or JavaScript), and that crawlers are allowed to detect that your website pages are designed for mobile browsers as well.

Other factors that determine your site's mobile responsiveness are viewport configuration, using legible font sizes, avoiding plugins and using appropriate size tab targets. These are all factors that you can easily check through Bruce Clay's Mobile-Friendliness Test Tool.

Take the Mobile-Friendly Test and Start Optimizing your Site

The Mobile-Friendly Test Tool is very easy to use, just insert the URL of the web page you wish to test, and the tool will run the test in less than a minute. The tool will recognize if any mobile usability issues exist and will flag them to you. If your site appears to be non-mobile friendly, it is essential to start optimizing your website for mobile devices to make sure your search rankings and organic traffic are not affected by it. Take our Mobile-Friendliness test now and check if your site pages are mobile-friendly or not!